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Common law firm marketing questions and answers. Helping you understand our legal marketing services.

 Law Firm Marketing 

What are the best ways to market a law firm?

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  • Lawyer SEO
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Law Firm Analytics
  • Google Adwords
  • Lawyer Websites

Below is a detailed view on how to market your law firm effectively.

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Lawyer SEO

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How long does it take to rank higher on Google?

This is the number one question we are asked. The answer really depends. If you have a website and you had some SEO work done then consider these points:

  • Do you believe there may have been some “black hat SEO” techniques carried out?
  • Are you getting enough traffic?
  • Is the content on each page relevant to purpose?

As you probably know, lawyer SEO is a notoriously difficult market. Getting your law firm to the first page of search engines requires a lot of time and work. You should allow 6 months to a year of ongoing SEO to effectively become high in the search results.

Any marketing company who promises you in less time is simply lying. They may also be involved in black hat SEO techniques which will hurt your rankings. You will get an initial boost in rankings but this is not a good idea. Google will penalize your law firm. It will also extend the amount of time to ethically rank again. It may seem a good idea but avoid black hat SEO entirely.

How do you perform law firm SEO?

There are many main steps to rank your law firm on Google.

The main SEO categories include:

  • Website SEO audits
  • Keyword research
  • Competitor analysis
  • Market analysis
  • Content Development
  • Authoritative Link Building
  • Reporting and Consultation
  • On-Page SEO
  • Technical SEO
  • Local SEO

Do you offer any guarantees?

While we do not promise any guarantees, we work very hard to maintain a positive relationship with you.

Do Law SEO Pros manage everything for your SEO campaign?

Well, we absolutely do, but there is a requirement of working with you too. The more your firm is involved in the SEO process, the easier it is for you to rank. Like you, we build client relationships.

Is there a contract?

We would recommend at least 3 months. Whilst we will never hold you to a specific time length, we will remind you that SEO takes time and that first 3 months are vital. Typically, within 3 months you will see your numbers gain and from this, we can determine where we can make improvements that are always ongoing. To really make an impact, you should be looking at least a 12 month SEO campaign.

What makes Law SEO Pros different from other SEO agencies?

We pride ourselves on our results, our exclusivity, and our transparency. We uphold full transparency in the work within your campaign – we involve our clients in all aspects of our process and provide full disclosure in all work completed within the campaign.

Remember we will only one with one client, in one area of law, in one territory.

How is SEO success measured?

Typically, you will get more calls. You will receive more emails and start building new relationships.

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Conversion Rate Optimization

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Will Conversion Rate Optimization help my law firm?

Yes. Once we guide visitors and ease the “customer journey”, CRO has a very positive effect.

This is through very strict analysis and studies of the page layout. We pay attention to HCI methodologies and color psychology.
For example. If you offer services like criminal defense. Photos of smiling attorneys are a bad idea. Let’s think about who visitors are and why they arrive. They are most likely stressed and upset. They will likely be an alleged perpetrator or someone seeking help on their behalf. They are not interested immediately in browsing around your website. The correct way to display that page is to offer an immediately easy to see contact number or form. Also, showing details and bios of the attorneys most likely to be dealing with the client. Their need is most likely immediate. so there is no need for re-targeting your services on this area of law. For criminal defense attorneys, promoting confidence and guiding the visitor to the information they need is key.
For something like family law, the requirement is a little different. Having easy to read, informative information is important. Visitors want to know where they stand. We must provide this information in a way that shows your authority and compassion in this matter. Different areas of law, require a different CRO approach.


Chart showing color psychology used in conversion rate optimization or CRO - Image


CTAs or Calls To Action are essential. These are visible buttons with a message such as “Get The Help You Need Now” and such like.
Now, let’s have a little bit of fun.
What color do you think would be best for a criminal defense attorney page CTA stating the above? This is the direct link someone who is on your page to get help immediately. If you answered green, you may be wrong. Yet, if you answered red you may also be wrong. Actually, in this particular case, no single color is better than another. What matters is how much a button color contrasts with the area around it. These simple concepts are in fact pretty involved. They are approached on a page by page basis based on the law firm’s website design and areas of law practiced.

What is the best way to convert visitors into clients?

Sujan Patel has an excellent blog that outlines 10 ways to turn visitors into clients. 

Essentially the summary of conversion rate optimization best practices are:

  • Implement Live Chat
  • Offer something for free
  • Testimonials
  • Gain trust by telling people how amazing your law firm is
  • Reviews
  • Videos
  • Limit procrastination
  • Exit Intent popups
  • Steal your competitor’s clients with a comparison page
  • Redesign your “About Us” page for conversions
  • Track and measure your visitor’s behavior
  • A/B testing

 See Law Firm CRO page

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Law Firm Analytics Questions 

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How does analytics help my law firm?

Knowing how your clients behave on your website is critical. To gain real success, we use CRO techniques in conjunction with data analysis. This helps with many aspects of legal marketing such as:

  • UI design
  • Tracking bounce rates
  • Tracking the time of day the site is busiest
  • What pages are more popular than others
  • What keywords people are searching for
  • A better understanding of your clients

UI design is huge. This is what your clients see when they arrive. It is your first impact on potential clients. Knowing how clients perceive your website is paramount to success.

Tracking bounce rates is an obvious clue to know if your first impression is working. If visitors leave immediately, it’s not. We can also track where clients are browsing and how far they scroll on a page. The total time spent on each page is a good indicator of engagement.

Tracking the time of day and day of the week your site is the busiest also indicates visitor behavior.

By understanding what pages are more popular than others allows marketers to gain insight into what is working, and what is not. Improvement of the UI design can then be implemented.

Knowing what keywords work is super important. This is the bread and butter of the campaign. Often, search phrases are not what you would guess. An example is for some areas of law the most searched terms contain the word ‘attorney’, others the keyword in the phrase is ‘lawyer’.

Understanding your visitors and how they navigate your website is so important to success. It barely needs an explanation. 

See Law Firm Analytics page

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Lawyer PPC Questions

Law firm Adwords campaigns. Graphic shoing computer

How does machine learning affect my Adwords campaigns?

When we design your campaign, we use machine learning to optimize your Ads.
Essentially what this does is optimize your campaign ads to show more often. Not only does this help the appearance of your ads, but it also helps lower costs. The system checks every 30 minutes on ways to improve scores and visibility.
The system never stops searching for ways to get better campaign results. From lower CPCs to more conversions, you’ll get intelligent bid and budget management 24/7. That means you’re making the most intelligent budgeting decision across all your campaigns all the time without even thinking about it.
And remember, when we run campaigns, we will design specific landing pages on your website that help increase conversions.

Do you offer social ads for law firms?

Yes, we do.

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Lawyer Website Questions

lOGO FOR LAWYER WEBSITE DESIGNHow long does a website redesign take?

In general terms, we usually can provide you with a website redesign in about 4 – 5 weeks.

This depends on a few factors being in place:

  • Do you have all the images available?
  • Do you have access to the admin section of your website?
  • Do you have full control over your domain name?

We can supply additional, professional royalty-free images if required.

We write all the copy text for the website. We also write your blogs.

What makes your Webdesign different?

First. through deep analysis of your competition. We study strengths and weaknesses. Exhaustive keywords research in your market area.

Second,  based on this data, we build your website architecture. There is no sense trying to guess this. If your website is built around this data, visitors have better engagement. This involves CRO and leads to more intakes.

Third, is about you. We listen to your thoughts on design and work with you and answer any questions you may have.

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