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Law Firm Website Design

Our law firm website design engages your potential clients with a website that is designed specifically for legal practices.

Tailored to each individual law firm, we capture your clients with uniquely designed layouts from seasoned web developers and web designers.

Whatever specific legal services you practice, Law SEO Pros will not only get you the traffic you have been looking for but help engage visitors and convert them into new clients through analysis and design.

We design on all formats for all devices. It is critically important that your new website is properly viewable on all devices as nearly half of all website visits are on mobile devices in 2019 and the trend is growing. Our design team understands this and will make sure your website conforms to accessibility rules and has full compatibility across the board. No more pinching and zooming.


What makes law firm website design stand out? Build around what people look for.

When we look at a new or redesigned website, we take a different path. The way we design and develop a website is by market strategy.

  • First, we thoroughly analyze your market
  • Next, we analyze your competition, fully scrutinizing their strengths and weaknesses
  • Then we base your design around our analysis and give this data to the development team
  • Once the website structure is in place, the designers get to work 

Deliver your website to how your clients want it to be delivered.

Yes, your website will be amazing on all devices, optimized for gathering as many visitors as possible, but importantly, your website will satisfy the “customer journey” and be clear, concise and enable the client to quickly get the information they are looking for easily.

By following our design principals of analyzing the market and your competition, we respect the visitors need for accurate information and make sure their visit is exactly why they arrived in the first place.

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Professional law firm website design will increase your intakes

Professional law firm website design portrays a sense of confidence. This shows you are a credible law firm.


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Websites that show your visitors what an awesome law firm you are 

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Bring your law firm up to and beyond the levels of your competition with dedicated law firm web design

Better Delivery

Based on  market strategy, we make sure your message is delivered to the right clients

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