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Lawyer PPC and Social ADS

The Benefits of Smart Budget Management

Dominate with Lawyer PPC. 

Stay ahead of other law firms. PPC Management.

Can our law firm reach the top of Google quickly?

Yes. We can immediately make a bold impact with lawyer PPC & “Google Screened”.

The click-through rate of these ads is 20% compared to the CTR of organic search results. This is still 20% of the market your law firm could be missing out on. Furthermore, Law SEO Pros can make highly visible, targeted landing pages to bolster your law firm’s online presence. Ads can also feature “call now” snippets right on the top of the search results page giving maximum exposure.

Social Adwords

Social Media is such an important factor in today’s life. It also plays a huge role in marketing. Lawyer PPC is essential here too. We create new Facebook and Instagram campaigns to rival your competition. And we can retarget your clients once they have expressed an interest. We can create reports to summarize your social media ad performance on its own or with other channels like Google Ads and Bing Ads. We utilize advanced targeting techniques that put your law firm in front of the right clients. on the right channels.

Our social media team are veterans in delivering quality content to exactly the right people. More visibility across more channels equals better engagement.


Retargeting & Remarketing

We have all seen and done this. When searching for products or services, we visit a website and then for whatever reason we leave the website.

A little later we are looking at our news app or visit another website and lo and behold – there’s a little ad with the very same website we visited. This is retargeting.

Retargeting is an excellent way of gaining lost visitors. The more an ad shows, the more the likelihood visitors will return.

Retargeting makes sense when combined with more traffic through SEO and CRO. The more people see your law firm, the more they are likely to convert. The more people see your law firm name, means they subconsciously will relate to you.


The numbers speak for themselves

These are typical results if you already have a Digital Ad Campaign. If you don’t have an existing campaign yet, then we can help you find an excellent solution.


Increase In Conversions


Increase In Clicks


Decrease in CPC


Decrease in CPA

Next Steps: We keep you informed with transparent reporting



Generate more conversions and dramatically improve your chances for law firm intake success.

Budget Attainment

We lways look for better ways to hit monthly budgets across search and display channels.


Retargeting is going to get more conversions and ads will only be tailored to clients who have expressed an interest in your services

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